Spectrum SpecConnect wireless remote crop monitoring system

Monitor your fields from wherever you are with Spectrum’s Award-winning SpecConnect Web Portal and WatchDog Retriever & Pups Wireless Network

The system brings real-time data to your mobile device anywhere you can access the Internet. Measure everything from rain to Temp/RH, light, wind, leaf wetness, soil moisture and more.

Rather than making you spend hours trying to make sense of data, SpecConnect does all the heavy lifting, with easy to understand reports and alerts via text message and/or email. It’s like having a team of virtual researchers out there in your fields, making observations, running calculations and sending the findings back to you.

Think of the financial benefits of:

  • avoiding even one unnecessary spray
  • knowing exactly when to stop watering
  • avoiding crop disease.

How it Works

SpecConnect Wireless Monitoring Stystem for Crops

SpecConnect WatchDog Pup

1. WatchDog Pups

  • Capture real-time, site-specific data with custom stations
  • Each Sensor Pup can be configured with up to four different sensors
  • Can also be connected to WatchDog 2000 Series Weather Stations
  • All data is sent wirelessly to the Retriever
  • Maintain data integrity through ‘self-healing’ mesh network.

SpecConnect WatchDog Retriever

2. WatchDog Retriever

  • Receives all data from Pup network
  • One Retriever can support up to 16 Pups per network
  • Available as battery powered or solar powered.

SpecConnect DataScout Modem

3. DataScout Modem

  • Connects to the Retriever and communicates data to the web
  • Cellular and Wi-Fi models available
  • Solar powered option – never worry about battery drain.

 SpecConnect wireless environmental monitoring custom dashboard

4. SpecConnect Web Portal

  • Monitor your crops from wherever you are
  • View real-time conditions on your computer, smart phone, or tablet
  • Send custom threshold alerts via text message and/or email
  • Choose from a wide selection of standard reports for your data, or create your own customised reports (Pro subscription required)
  • Proactively manage disease and insects with optional plant disease and insect modules
  • Easily export your data and reports to share, or import into other applications.

Temperature humidity sensors etc for Spectrum WatchDog Pups

Sensors for your Pups

Connect up to four sensors per Sensor Pup

Sensors are available for:

  • Soil Moisture, Temperature & EC
  • Temperature & Humidity
  • Rainfall
  • Wind Speed/Direction
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Leaf Wetness
  • Light, and more.

Our technical sales team wil be happy to recommend the best sensors for your needs. Call them on +44 (0)1243 558280.

Examples of SpecConnect In-field Networks

With four external sensor ports, each network Pup is compatible with a wide range of sensors. All data acquired by the Pups is communicated back to the Retriever, which collects the data and sends the information wirelessly via cellular or Wi-Fi modem to the SpecConnect web portal for easy access and analysis.

SpecConnect Irrigation solution with wireless weather station

Irrigation Solutions

Flexibly monitor both soil moisture and EC in a variety of soil textures for better irrigation decisions. Connect WatchDog Weather Stations to the network using a Station Pup.

SpecConnect Wireless Greenhouse Monitoring System

Greenhouses & Nurseries

Measure DLI (light duration and intensity) for consistently better plant quality across greenhouse and high-tunnel structures. For outdoor growing, monitor soil moisture, temperature, and EC for more efficient irrigation practices.

SpecConnect Wireles Monitoring Vineyard Orchard incl Soil Moisture Sensor

Vineyards & Orchards

Easily spot frost conditions in your crops, monitor and note site-specific conditions for insect and disease pressures, and monitor soil moisture remotely.

SpecConnect Golf Course Remote Monitoring solution incl weather station

Golf Courses

Track temperature and moisture for decisions regarding disease and insect pressure across your entire course.  Connect existing WatchDog Weather Stations to monitor evapotranspiration for more efficient irrigation scheduling.

Find out more

Talk to our friendly team about your requirements and they will be happy to configure the perfect crop monitoring solution for your needs.
Call us on +44 (0)1243 558280, or alternatively fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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