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TDR350 Soil Moisture Meter

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Take Spot Soil Moisture Measurements

A TDR meter is the perfect portable tool for taking spot measurements of the moisture in the field. The meter measures the average volumetric water content from the soil surface down to the tip of the rods. Choose which of the four rod-length options best suits your application; for example, 3” rods for a putting green

Intelligent irrigation begins with the right data.

Volumetric water content (VWC) is one way to report how much water is in the soil. The soil matrix is composed of 3 main components; soil solids, air, and water. The air and water occupy the soil’s pore space. VWC is the ratio of volume of water to the overall volume of soil (Fig. 1). At saturation, the VWC would be equal to the porosity of the soil. For agricultural soils, this is typically around 50%.


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